Air Purification

One BreatheCLEAN unit purifies an entire home because it attaches to the home’s central ventilation system and continually cleans the air as the air is circulating. This product can give you and your family freedom from allergies, asthma and sinus symptoms and keep you healthier throughout your lives.

How it Works?

By removing germs, bacteria, mold and dust mites from the air, BreatheCLEAN provides great health benefits for people suffering from asthma or allergies. Additionally, BreatheCLEAN simply keeps you healthier throughout the year because it is continually removing cold germs, viruses and bacteria that cause illness and infection.

The ultraviolet light ray breaks through the cell wall of the organism and destroys the DNA. This renders the organism unable to reproduce and cause illness. For example, when someone has a virus or a cold and coughs or sneezes in one room; those germs are spread to every room in the house, through the ventilation system, within 30 minutes. With a BreatheCLEAN purifier attached to the ventilation system, those germs are destroyed and can not cause illness or irritate asthma or allergies.