Dr. Disfinfectant specializes in disinfecting and sanitizing services for residential and commercial customers.

We cover the Madison, WI area and surrounding areas.

Today’s misconception is that if something looks aesthetically clean, then it is. This is not the case – it depends on the cleaners used. If your desired area that is to be cleaned is wiped down with soap or other certain common household/workplace cleaning solutions, it is not germ-free.

Dr. Disinfectant was formed to provide services allowing for a healthier, more environmentally friendly way to protect yourself, your customers and your loved ones. We strive to ensure your home or business has a total virus free environment after our visit.

We bring hospital grade disinfection to the public using a state of the art, patented electrostatic application process. This is applied to all the surfaces in your home or business. Our disinfectant technology has no lingering odor, is non-toxic, free from unnecessary additives, and requires no wiping, no rinsing.

Virus & bacteria free. Eradication of over 30 strains of viruses & bacteria.